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Action packed 1 hour long class.

You can expect your children to gain confidence, be more focused, develop coordination, and build winning skills for life. Our beginners will learn basic boxing skills, including footwork and punching combinations. Join in the fun as we hit the bag, jump rope, and run! All of these activities foster better motor coordination, while helping you maximize your stamina and your strength. We provide a fun and safe environment for your children, so that they learn discipline and challenging techniques.

For the first timers, here are the four basic punches. Everything else is just a variation of these fundamental boxing moves:

1. Jab
This is the most used punch in boxing, and it’s said that the fastest jab is the most relaxed jab.

Keeping the rest of your body still, extend your lead (front) hand forward. When you strike out, your fist should rotate in and down, like you’re pouring out a mug (the punch should land with your palm down). Pull hand back to your face to defend as fast as it stuck forward. Think of it like you’re producing a “sting” effect with the glove.

2. Cross
The cross can be the most satisfying punch to throw when done correctly.
Starting with your gloves at your chin, throw your rear hand across the chest/shoulders, landing it on the rear shoulder. Rotate your hips and upper body in the same direction your arm is traveling as you pivot the foot rear foot. Like the jab, rotate the fist 90 degrees before landing, and snap the punch off the bag and back to the chin where it started. Your legs are critical here, as weight must be transferred from back to front in unison with the arms, then recoil back. Think of a lunge when practicing.

3. Hook
This punch is hard to master but devastating when executed correctly.
Thrown with the lead (front) hand toward the side of a target, your speed and power comes from legs and hips to get rotation. Pivot your feet clockwise as your drop the right heel and lift the left heel (this creates a greater range because your body now acts as one solid block). When your arm is extended, imagine pulling a cape across your face to get form correct.

4. Upper Cut
The upper cut can be used at all sorts of angles and heights, and will give your arms a lean, chiseled look.

Thrown with either hand and typically at close range, imagine punching up underneath a crossbar when you throw an upper cut. Your upper body and hips should rotate just like they did with the hook, and with your elbow pointing down, drop your fist slightly and swing upward. The punch should land with the palm facing up.

Remember to keep your hands up when throwing all punches. Use less arm and more shoulder to keep form correct.


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Empires Boxing Instructor


Enrique Andrade Ornelas

Ornelas began his professional career on 16 of October 1999, beating previously unbeaten Rigoberto Placencia on points over four rounds at the Marriott Hotel, Irvine, California. On December 2, 2009, Ornelas fought Bernard Hopkins through 12-rounds but lost a unanimous decision. The bout took place in the light heavyweight division and Ornelas had never fought that high up in weight before. Born August 17, 1980 in Guanajuato, Mexico he is the younger brother of Librado Andrade Ornelas who was a three-time super middleweight world title challenger.

Stance: Orthodox
Boxing record: Total fights 43

Wins: 34
Wins by KO: 22
Losses: 9
Draws: 0
No contests: 0

Have a boxing question for the coach? Please, call Enrique at 714-928-4832


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